It’s been nearly two months since millions of employees started working from home as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the question on many of our minds is whether we can deduct various home-office expenses from our 2020 income next tax season.

Some employees who received a technology allowance or reimbursement from their employers to upgrade their home computer equipment are also wondering whether they will have to include this amount in their 2020 income as a taxable employment benefit.

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When you own a business, most of the time you have to do everything yourself in running the business. At the same time, you have to know your business profitability.

With our local and personal services, we are here to serve your bookkeeping, accounting, training, and tax needs - onsite in your office or offsite in our location.  We do not just work for you, but we work with you to understand your business and what gives you the best value.  This allows us to provide effective and quality services, so that you can focus in growing your business.

Whether you are just starting or expanding your business, our affordable packages will not sacrifice your dollars. We customize your bookkeeping & accounting needs - with either monthly, quarterly, or yearly fee with no hidden charges.  Our training packages for Quickbooks, Xero, or Sage, are designed to be effective, whether you are a novice or advanced users.  Our tax services ensures your financials are ready for filing at fiscal year end.

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What kind of QuickBooks training do you have?

We provide QuickBooks training for novice and more advanced users, whether one-on-one or in a group.  Most of the time, the 15-module training is packaged to specifically meet your business requirements.


What kind of documents do you need for bookkkeping & accounting services?

Example of required documents are bank statements, credit card statements, invoices, bills, CRA's correspondence, and payroll information.

For off-site services, how can we give the documents to you effectively? 

You can either send them by email, mail, fax, or we can pick them up from your office. Better yet, if you are using Quickbooks Online, we can use a share documents feature.

Currently, we are using Excel spreadsheet and want to try using QuickBooks.  Can you help me transfering all my data into Quickbooks?

We can certainly help you as one of our specialty is helping clienteles migrating from a spreadsheet or different accounting software into QuickBooks.  We wil train you and ensure you understand the process from installation and data management, to transaction analysis and financial reporting.

Can we ask you questions at anytime after your services?

Absolutely, you can contact us anytime by email or phone during office hours.  We are here to help you along the way, not just during our services.  If you need immediate reply, please phone us at  Contact.


Does the company specialize working in a specific industry?

We have worked with companies in a diverse industries, such as retail, services, construction, manufacturing, and non-profit organization.


How much does your bookkeeping charge? Any other extra charge? What are included?

Depending on your budget, we customize your need from weekly to yearly package.  There is no extra or hidden charges, you will know the exact price in advance, and any of the package includes a free pick-up & delivery.