If you scroll down your Reports menu, QuickBooks provides two types of reports:
1.    Summary or standard reports, and
2.    Detail reports,
of all built-in reports.  For example, if you go to Reports > Company and Financials, there are Profit & Loss Standard report at the top option, and Profit & Loss Detail report below it.

To customize a summary reports, you first have to open the built-in report and click the Customize Report bar.  Let’s open the P&L Standard for This fiscal quarter (Oct-Dec) as an example (Picture 1):


QB Customizing Summary Report 1


Click the Customize Report bar on the top lest side to open Modify Report: Profit & Loss dialog box which has four tabs: Display, Filters, Header/Footer, and Fonts & Numbers.


If you use estimates in your business or progress invoicing (partial billing) in your business, this category allows you to set available features. Note that there are no personal preferences here.


QB Jobs  Estimates Preferencces 1


These preferences enable you to set your QuickBooks tasks related to your customers and sales.  Both My Preferences and Company Preferences tabs are available here.  

The My Preferences has three options on how you want QuickBooks to treat outstanding billable time and expenses to your invoices of your customers/jobs:


QB Sales  Customers Preferences 1



These preferences enable you to set the way you and your company work in QuickBooks, in My Preferences and Company Preferences tabs, respectively.

My Preferences


QB General Preferencces 1


Both My Preferences and Company Preferences are available in this Desktop View window.  My Preferences allows you to customize your own desktop view without affecting other users, while Company Preferences manage preferences to company file Home Page.

1. My Preferences

QB Desktop View Preferences 1