If you have preferred vendor, Pref. Vendor column will appear. Reorder Pt. means reorder point quantity,  set up when you created your item. Available calculation is defined in Item & Inventory preferences. One very useful column is Order – when you see a checkmark in this column, it means you have to refill or purchase your item immediately.


Inventory Stock Status by Vendor

This report basically gives you similar report to Inventory Stock Status by Item, except that it categorizes stock by vendor (supplier).

Inventory Item QuickReport

Another useful inventory report is Inventory Item QuickReport – open your Item List and highlight your item > click Reports drop-down menu > QuickReport:


QB Inventory Stock Status and QuickReport 2


Inventory (3,292) is the opening stock balance of your item which is the sum of opening balance of On Hand As Of (1,272) and opening balance of On Purchase Order As (2,020).

On Hand As Of. This represents the beginning stock balance minus sales and plus purchases you make during the month, which gives you the Total On Hand As Of.

On Purchase Order As.  This represents beginning PO balance plus any current month purchases you have not received yet, which gives you Total On Purchase Order.

Total As Of is equal to Total Inventory (5,279), which is the sum of Total On Hand As Of (2,759) and Total On Purchase Order As (2,520).