As you customize your forms, whether in Basic Customization or Additional Customization, you can see the changes right away in the Preview pane. As changes happen, some of text, fields, or picture, may overlap in the layout. To adjust the position of your changes, QuickBooks has a tool called Layout Designer. To access Layout Designer, click Layout Designer bar in the Basic Customization or Additional Customization dialog box.


QB Additional Layout Designer 1


Use your pointer and click any text, field, column table, or images, a surrounding frame will appear. You can then resize, move, or remove this frame.

Green areas.
If you plan to use window envelopes to mail your invoice, this green areas are where your company name (sender) and your customer (addressee) are located. If you use regular envelope, uncheck the “Show envelope window” box to remove it.



QB Additional Layout Designer 2


This option has three tabs: Text, Border, and Background. Text tab allows you to modify horizontal and vertical justification, and alter text font and colour.
Border tab gives flexibility in customizing border position, pattern, corner, thickness, and colour.
Use Background tab to fill form background with a choice of your colour.

Move your pointer to an unused location in your form and press Add button to add Text Box, Data Field, or Image.

Copy, Remove, and Copy Format.
Select any object and then press Copy, Remove, and Copy Format to copy, remove, or copy its format.

Use Margin button to change margin measurements.


Use this to open Grid and Snap Setting dialog box to remove the dotted line grid, turn off the Snap to Grid option, and change spacing between the grid lines.

Very useful feature to undo/redo your work.

You can also Centre object horizontally, Zoom in and out, and make object width, height, and size the same using toolbar at the top of the page.
Once you are done using Layout Designer, click OK to bring you back to Additional Customization dialog box. Click OK again to save your template. The next time you bring up your form (invoice), the new template will appear in the Template drop-down menu.