QB Deleing vs Voiding Invoices 1


As you can see, the deleted transaction (Invoice 21) shows no trace whatsoever, while the voided transaction (invoice 22) shows which customer and account are affected and reset the dollar amount to 0 (zero).

Here is how to delete or void an invoice:

1. Find the invoice you want to delete or void from Customer Centre or from Create Invoice, then open the Invoice window. Note that you can also open the Sales Receipts if you want to delete or void a sales receipt.

2. Right click in the Invoice window, choose Delete Invoice or Void Invoice from the shortcut menu.
You can also do this from the Main Menu > Edit > Delete Invoice or Void Invoice.

3. Click Save & Close.

Below is the screenshot of Invoice 22 that was voided as reported above:


QB Deleing vs Voiding Invoices 2