The Icon Bar Content scroll-down menu shows your current icon bar setting. To add an icon bar, press “Add …” bar to open Add Icon Bar Item window:


QB Customizing Icon Bar 2


In this example, let’s add Create Invoice which is highlighted in the left scroll-down menu. Pick the graphic from the middle scroll-down menu, and modify Label and Description if you like. Then click OK to add to your icon bar. Now, if you look at the Customize Icon Bar window, Invoice should be in the Icon Bar Content already.
To remove an icon bar, select the icon bar from Icon Bar Content and press Delete bar.
To edit/modify an icon bar, select the icon bar from Icon Bar Content and choose Edit.

Sometimes you need to add for tasks that you do most often, for example, transferring funds between your many bank accounts, but you can’t find this item in the current list of available icon in Add Icon Bar Item scroll-down menu. What you need to do is open the Transfer Funds window, then click View > Add “Transfer Funds Between Accounts to Icon Bar”:


QB Customizing Icon Bar 3


An “Add Window to Icon Bar” dialog box will appear. Make any modification you like and click OK to finish adding it to your icon bar:


QB Customizing Icon Bar 4