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Technology has its impact everywhere! Every company, every business, in fact, every individual employs technology in one way or the other. With the growing popularity of Social Media and the internet along with the amalgamation of innovation and creativity, the market is now being dominated by amazing tech gadgets. I will be suggesting three cool gadgets to endow a business owner with. ... Read more


I have taken part in many business turnarounds in my career, and time and again I noticed the same problems, regardless of whether the reason for the turnaround was a relatively minor situation or a reorganization after bankruptcy. Here are the ten steps that need to happen during any major business adjustment and some of the pitfalls to avoid along the way.


1. Assess the situation. Before a successful business turnaround can be implemented, it is crucial to understand what got the company where it is now. Providing that the company’s products or services are competitive, the issues affecting the performance of a sales team can range from poor management to an ineffective sales process to low morale, which is caused by any number of factors. Insight ... Read more


One of the dangers of entrepreneurial enthusiasm is a willingness to be all things to all people, trying to capitalize on every potential opportunity. The problem with that is that you can suffer from a lack of focus.

If you are putting both time and effort into doing lots of different things, you could easily wind up doing them, at best, in an average way that offers no competitive edge.


And if you don’t have a focus, it could be very difficult for potential customers to quickly get a handle on what it is that you’re offering.

I was reminded of the importance of being focused by Eric Paley, a managing partner with Founder Collective, an early-stage fund ... Read more


The recent news that Costco Wholesale CEO Jim Sinegal plans to retire next year brought back a flood of memories for me. I covered the company for nearly 7 years as part of a full-time retail beat at Seattle's regional weekly business paper.

For me, Sinegal always seemed like one of the good guys -- an outstanding example of how to be a CEO. He played a major role in building Costco into the third-largest retailer in the country, creating a model that rewards workers handsomely even while competitors cut benefits.  

Here are five CEO traits Sinegal has that I wish more business leaders would acquire:

  1. Use your products. Sinegal is often clad in one of Costco's $17 dress shirts, long a ... Read more