In 2012, Canadian small business owners say they plan to: 

1. Cut expenses, 33 per cent

2. Launch new services or products, 27 per cent

3. Invest in more new technology, 20 per cent

4. Hire more employees, 19 per cent

5. Invest in more sales and marketing, 17 per cent; and seek additional financing/funding, 17 per cent.

Their top challenges for 2012 are: ... Read More


Did you know…?

Significant changes to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) will occur in January 2012 to reflect the way Canadians are living, working, and retiring. The changes will affect both employees and self-employed workers aged 60 to 70. The changes will not affect you if you are already receiving a CPP or Quebec Pension Plan (QPP) retirement pension and you remain out of the workforce. Employees working in Quebec and other workers not subject to the CPP will also not be affected by these changes.

What’s new?

Contribution changes (what you will pay): ... Read More


Entrepreneurs often fail to realize that a business in its growth stage needs all its cash flow to grow the business. - Entrepreneurs often fail to realize that a business in its growth stage needs all its cash flow to grow the business. |
Terry Cain
When Greg Quinn started out as an independent commercial interior designer, he used a pretty basic technique to figure out how much money he would make from his business.


“I thought, ‘I need $24,000 a year to survive, how much do I need to bill to make ends meet?’”

Since then, his business, X-Design Inc., has grown to a full service firm with 10 employees. The firm’s funky restored warehouse space in Toronto’s East End shows off its practical yet fun aesthetic, with unique touches such as prominent hanging racks for staff bicycles and school-gym-style bleachers for waiting visitors. ... Read More


A pile of business books

Think about your daily routine, you might stop at a coffee shop in the morning, perhaps you workout at the gym in the afternoon or go for dinner with friends in the evening. Every place that you visit, and every business you connect with during that day, exists because of an idea and an entrepreneur.  Whether that entrepreneur comes from a family of business owners, or is starting out on their own with no previous experience, running their business requires a set of key skills.  But what are the skills you need and how do you acquire them? ... Read More



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Last week, entrepreneur Mark Cuban wrote a column for Inc. magazine on the 12 “rules” for startups.

It is worth reading because it contains some insightful and, not surprisingly, entertaining ideas from Mr. Cuban, who owns the Dallas Mavericks basketball team, Magnolia Pictures and Landmark Theatres, and is one of the most colourful and outspoken entrepreneurs.


In keeping with the spirit of things, here are my 10 “rules” for startups.

1. You must have passion

Startups are hard work, involve a lot of tough slogging and problem-solving, and often consist of two steps forward and one step back. To create a startup, passion is a must-have characteristic to deal with the constant ups and downs. Read More