“No fun at all." That’s me – according to my kids. No Fun At All is also a punk rock band. If I didn’t know better, I’d assume that the band was made up of Canada Revenue Agency employees. But alas, the band actually hails from Sweden (maybe the band is made up of employees of Skatteverket – the Swedish tax authority).

Okay, maybe there are tax department employees who are actually lots of fun. Yet, when it comes to the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB), it looks as if the taxman is poised to stop the fun for some people. As reported this week in The Globe and Mail, the government released draft legislation suggesting that it intends to prescribe fines, and even imprisonment, for those who have made CERB claims when they weren’t entitled to the benefit.

But how, exactly, will the government identify those who might have claimed CERB benefits when they shouldn’t have? The following are some of the procedures that are, no doubt, being considered by the taxman to identify those who have claimed CERB funds improperly (sorry for being a party-pooper here):

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