Check “Save backup copy automatically when I close my company file every” box and fill in”a number of” times box.  Enter 1 in the box if you want to backup daily. If you have not specify where you want to save your backup copy, click Options bar to open Backups Options dialog box:

QB Automatic Backups 2

Click OK to bring you back to Create backup dialog box. Click Finish to finish creating automatic backup.

2. Scheduled Backups

Additionally, you can schedule your backup by clicking New bar in the Create Backup window to open Schedule Backup dialog box:

QB Automatic Backups 3

Enter Description, Location, Number of backup copies to keep, Start time (of backup), and days of backups.  The above example shows entries for daily backups at 6 pm.

Click Store Password to enter Windows user name and password.  QuickBooks need this for logging in and running backup:


QB Automatic Backups 4

Click OK and the program will add your created schedule to list of scheduled backups in Create Backup window:


QB Automatic Backups 5

Click Finish to finish scheduling automatic backup.