Show Results From.  This pane shows the total number of results from your search. In the above example, the total number of results is 191 consisting of Transactions (183), Customers (7), and Items (1).  You can then select Item if you need to see “health plan” in item only.

Date Range.  You can further specify the date range you wish to include in your search.
You can hover your cursor over the results to open any appeared icons.  Open and Email icons will appear in the Credit Memo results, while Open, Receive Payment, and Email icons will appear in the Invoice results.


If you are to find a value or amount in your company file, start with typing the value in the Search box.  In the Amount pane, select from Exactly, Greater than, or Less than options. And finally, fill in the Date range.  For example, for finding results of exact amount of $226,- between October 1 – December 31, 2016, type 226 in the Search box, select Exactly in the Amount drop-down menu, and fill in the respective From and To date:


QB Finding Transactions Using Search Command 2


As you can imagine, the Search command is not suitable if you have specific and detail criteria in your searching.  Find command is a better option for detail searching.