Display tab
(opened by default)


QB Customizing Summary Report 2


Report Date Range pane.
You have a drop-down Dates option, or you can select your own date in the From…To… option.  If you only need to change the report date, you can also use the same option in Picture 1.

Report Basis pane.
You have accrual and cash basis options for the report.

Columns pane.

Displays columns by … across the top.  You have approximately 20 options from the drop-down menu, from by Day, Week, Month, to Sales Rep, and Sales tax Code.  If you want to see your P&L report at year end on quarterly basis, then select by Quarter.  The same option is available in Picture 1.
Sort by.  Select from the available option. The same option is also available in Picture 1.
Add sub columns for.  Previous Period, Previous Year, year-To-Date, % of row, % of Column, % of Income, % of Expense are available.  The sub-options will be active once you select the parent option.  Select any option you want to display in the report.  For example, if you want to compare a percentage change of this quarter versus last quarter P&L, select Previous Period and % change:


QB Customizing Summary Report 3


Click Advanced Options button to open Advanced dialog box if you need to customize further:


QB Customizing Summary Report 4


For example, if you don’t want the zero amounts in the P&L report appears, click Non-zero option here.


Filters Tab

If you need to filter your report, click the Filters tab from the Modify dialog box:


QB Customizing Summary Report 5


You can then choose available parameter in the Filter drop-down option.  If you want to see the P&L on your USD transactions, then select Currency in the filter option, and select US Dollar in the Currency option.  Once you select the Filter and currency option, both will be added to the Current Filter Choices pane.  Click OK once you are done with your filter selection.

Header/Footer Tab
You can change the default header or footer here, from Company Name, Report Title, Subtitle, Date Prepared, Time Prepared, Report Basis, Page Number, Extra Footer Line, and Print Footer on the first page, and Page Layout.  They are all self-explanatories.

Fonts & Numbers Tab.
This option allows you to change fonts and how you want to show numbers.  They are also self-explanatories.