Pending, Awarded, In Progress, Closed, Not Awarded.
These are the Job Status options available where you can use any or all of them.  You can define your own descriptions in the box, e.g. you can “Waiting” instead of “Pending” in the first box or “Done” instead of “Closed” in the Closed box.
You can then choose from the Job Status drop-down menu when you Edit Customer (or jobs) > Job Info tab:


QB Jobs  Estimates Preferencces 2


Do you create Estimates?
If you create estimates in QuickBooks, select Yes.  Otherwise, select No even if you create estimates from other program.  Choosing Yes will add Estimates icon on your Home page.  Plese see Creating Estimates for detail explanation.

Do you create Progress Invoicing?
If you use progress invoicing or partial billing, select Yes, so you can create partial invoice from your Estimates.  Most business in construction industry uses this option a way to partially invoice customers according to the work progress.  Please go to Creating Progress Invoicing for detail explanation.

Warn about duplicate Estimate numbers.
To avoid duplication of Estimate number and further confusion, you can turn on this option.

Don’t print items that have zero amounts.
If you do progress invoicing, sometimes you do not charge every item in your Estimate.  In other words, there may be items from your Estimate that have “zero amount”.  This option allows you to not print these “zero amount” item on your progress invoice.