Prompt for time/costs to add.
If you always need to add billable time/costs to your invoices, select this option to automatically open “Choose Billable Time and Costs” window below.  You can then go to any of the Time, expenses, Mileage, or Items tab, to add your cost to customer invoice.


QB Sales  Customers Preferences 2

For detail explanation on how to add billable time/costs, please refer to Invoicing for Billable Time, Mileage, and Costs in QuickBooks.

Don’t add any.
If you rarely have any billable time/costs to add to your invoices, choose this option to skip “Choose Billable Time/Costs” window.

Ask what to do.
If you choose this option, QuickBooks will add another “Billable Time/Costs” prompt to ask you whether you want to select or exclude outstanding billable time/costs below, before opening the “Choose Billable Time/Costs” window:


QB Sales  Customers Preferences 3

The Company Preferences has panes for your Sales Orders, Miscellaneous, Price Levels, and Sales orders:


QB Sales  Customers Preferences 4


Usual Shipping Method.
You can select your default shipping method from the drop-down list here.  If you use a few shipping methods, select the one you use most.

Usual FOB.
You can type your FOB (Free On Board) location here as a default FOB Field in the sales forms.
Choose template for invoice packing slip.
If you need to use QuickBooks packing slip for your shipment, you can select one from the drop-down menu here.  You can also create your own packing slip and add it here.

Use Price Levels.
Turn this option on if you use price levels.  Please refer to Creating Price Levels for detail explanation on how to create price levels.

Enable Sales Orders. (Premier and Entreprise only)
Activate this box to enable sales orders before you create invoices.  With this option on, you can tell the program to:
•    Warns about duplicate Sales Orders numbers
•    Don’t print items with zero amounts when converting to invoice
•    Choose template for Packing Slip and Pick List