Prompt me to modify report option before opening a report.

When this option is on, QuickBooks automatically open Modify Report window on top of the report you are opening to allow you to make customization right away.  This option is useful if every time you open a report, you need to tweak it in some ways – date, currency, or others.  If you turn this option off, you have to click Customize button to modify your report.

Prompt me to refresh.
Sometimes you open a lot of reports in QuickBooks and then change the data.  If you turn on this option, QuickBooks will prompt you with a message whether you want to refresh your report or not.  This option makes system processing faster than “Refresh automatically” option below because QuickBooks does not have to work harder by refreshing each reports you have opened.

Refresh automatically.
If you don’t want to be disrupted with refresh prompt in “Prompt me to refresh” option above each time you change your data, turn this choice on.  If you have many users, this option may slow the system down, especially if every user makes a lot of data change.

Don’t refresh.
This option tells QuickBooks that don’t remind me to refresh and don’t refresh the report automatically, you will decide yourself when to refresh by clicking the Refresh button in your report window.

Draw graphs in 2D (faster).
QuickBooks graphs are defaulted to 3D, choosing this option will make processing data faster and less fancy graphs generated.

Use patterns.
When you select this option, the system will use black and white patterns instead of colors to differentiate areas in your graphs.  This is useful if you print graph to black and white printer.


2.    Company Preferences

 QB Reports  Graphs Preferences 2


Summary Reports Basis.
Select whether you want to see your Summary Reports as Accrual or Cash based as the default setting.  If you need to change the setting to a particular report, you can always change it by clicking Customize > Report Basis of report window.

Aging Reports.
You can choose how QuickBooks calculates age from your invoices and bills to generate A/R and A/P Aging reports.  If you choose “Age from the due date”, it will calculate the number of days between the due date and current date.  “Age from the transaction date” will show the number of days between the transaction date and current date.

Reports – Show Items By.
You can choose by Name only, Description only, or Name and Description option.

Reports – Show Accounts By.
Here, you can also choose by Name only, Description only, or Name and Description option.  If you enable account numbers, these numbers are part of account names.

Statements of Cash Flows.
Recall that there are three categories when we discussed Statement of Cash Flows: Operating, investing, and Financing.  The program has a standard cash flow report build within, but if you company needs to make some customization, click “Classify Cash …” to open the following window:


QB Reports  Graphs Preferences 3

It’s not advisable to make any classifications adjustments without discussing to your accountant.


To set up standard to all your reports, click Format button.  You can modify many criteria in both Header/Footer and Fonts & Numbers tabs:


QB Reports  Graphs Preferences 4