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Merging Accounts

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Sometimes you find yourselves having more than one account for the same purpose, either you created inadvertently or you decided that one account is better than the other.  Instead of deleting transactions from one account and creating the same transactions to another account, you can then merge the accounts into one.   
Merging accounts can be done with the following conditions:
•    Both accounts are of the same type, i.e. you can merge an expense account with another expense account, and income account with another income account, an asset account with another asset account, etc.
•    Both accounts are of the same level, i.e. you can’t merge a subaccount with a parent account.

When you merge accounts, QuickBooks brings in all transactions from the account that you want to merge (account that you want to eliminate) to the account that you keep.  Make sure this is what you intend to do when you are merging accounts.


Here are the steps to merge accounts:

1.    From Main Menu > Lists > Chart of Accounts to open Chart of Accounts window.  Then, highlight the account that you want to merge and press Ctrl + E to edit it.  Below is the example of merging Shipping Charges  expense account to Freight/Shipping expense account.

2.    In the Edit Account window of the account you want to merge/eliminate (Shipping Charges), go to the Account Name field and change it to the account you want to keep (Freight/Shipping).  You have to type exact letters &/or numbers of the account.


QB Merging Accounts 1


3.    Click Save & Close.  QuickBooks will prompt you with the following message:


QB Merging Accounts 2


4.    Click Yes and it’s done.  All your Shipping Charges account transactions will be brought into Freight/Shipping account and you now only have Freight/Shipping account.
The Shipping Charges expense account is removed from chart of accounts.

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