QB Using Find Command 1


Transaction Type.  Choose Invoice, Estimate, Sales Receipts, Bill, etc. from the drop-down list of transactions.
Customer:Job.  Select your customer or job.  This box changes to Vendor if you choose Bill in the Transaction Type, to Payee if you choose Cheque, and to others accordingly.
Date.  Enter starting date and ending date of transactions you are trying to find.   Leave it blank if you want all transactions.
Invoice #.  Enter invoice # if you have it.  This box changes according to Transaction Type selection.  Amount.  Enter the amount of invoice.

If you need to find transactions with details available at your fingertips, click the Advanced tab:


QB Using Find Command 2


Choose Filter.  Choose the fields you want to search: Account, Amount, Currency, Date, Item, Name, Transaction, or others (more than 50 available fields).

Memo.  This field changes according to your Choose Filter selection.  Enter value you are trying to find.
Current Choices.  Once you enter the value of the filter you choose, your current filter selections will be displayed here.

In the above example, Memo, Name, & Transaction Type filters are chosen, with values of Roofing, Jason Cioran, and Invoice.

Go To.  You can highlight one of the results and click this button to open the transaction window.
Report.  Clicking this button will open the Find Report window which lists all the transactions from the results.

Export.  Clicking this button will open the Export window which will enable you to export the results to a worksheet or CSV file:


QB Using Find Command 3