QB Transferring Funds 1


Date.  Enter the date of the transfer.
.  Select the class if you use one.

Transfer Funds From.  Select the account from which the transfer originated.    Its Account Balance field is filled in automatically.

Transfer Funds To.  Select the account to which the transfer going.  Its Account Balance is also filled in automatically.

Transfer Currency.  This option will appear if you use multi-currency.  Select the currency of the funds transfer.

Transfer Amount.  Enter the amount of the transfer.

Exchange Rate.  This option will be available Not greyed out) if you transfer different currency than your home currency.  In the above example, both are Canadian Dollar (CAD).

Memo.  Filled in automatically.  You can overwrite it to your preference.

Click Save & Close when you are done or Save & New to record another transfer.  That’s it!


Using this method, if you open the Saving or Checking account register window from Chart of Account List, the transfer is identified with TRANSFR in the Type cell:


QB Transferring Funds 2