QB Memorize Transaction 1


Name.  Enter the name of memorized transaction.  Use easy-to-remember name that relate to the transaction.

Add to my Reminder List.  Choose this option if you want to be reminded by filling in How Often & Next Date field.  Other fields will be greyed out.

Do Not Remind Me.  This option is you don’t want to be reminded at all.  Most people use this option for unscheduled transactions.  All fields will be greyed out.

Automate Transaction Entry.  Choose this option if you want the system to enter the transaction automatically, without any intervention on your part.  Number Remaining field refers to number of times QuickBooks should enter the transactions, while Days in Advance to Enter refers to number of days the system should enter the transactions before the due date.

Add to Group.  In above screenshot, this option is greyed out because the Group of transaction does not exist yet.  Choose this option if you want to add memorized transaction to a group.  
You can create a group of transactions by pressing Ctrl + T or Lists > Memorized Transaction List, then click Memorized Transaction button > New Group to open New Memorized Transaction Group window:


QB Memorize Transaction 2


Choose the option you want and fill in necessary fields, which are similar to previous Schedule Memorized Transaction fields.  Click OK and your new group will appear in the Memorized Transaction List:


QB Memorize Transaction 3


Once you have your transaction group, you can then assign your Monthly Telephone Charge memorized transaction into the group.  
Select Monthly Telephone Charge > right click > Edit Memorized Transaction, the Add to Group option will be available and choose your group:


QB Memorize Transaction 4


Click OK and your Monthly Telephone Charge will be grouped into Monthly Bills memorized transactions.


Unless you chose Automate Transaction Entry, the next time you use your memorized transaction:

  1. Press Ctrl + T or Lists > Memorized Transaction List to open its window.
  2. Highlight the memorized transaction you want to enter.
  3. Click Enter Transaction button to open corresponding window.
  4. Make any changes you want, and then click Save & Close.