QB Tracking Vehicle Mileage 1


Once you are done, the second step is setting the mileage rate:
1.    From the Main Menu, choose Company > Enter Vehicle Mileage to open Enter Vehicle Mileage window.
2.    Click Mileage Rates button in the toolbar to open Mileage Rates window:


QB Tracking Vehicle Mileage 2


3.    Enter appropriate CRA rate, & click Close.

You will be brought back to the previous Enter Vehicle Mileage window to enter your vehicle mileage:


QB Tracking Vehicle Mileage 3


Vehicle.  Select you vehicle.  Create a new one if you have not created one yet by clicking <Add>.
Trip Start Date.  Enter starting date of the trip.
Trip End Date.  Enter ending date of the trip.
Odometer Start.  Enter starting trip odometer.
Odometer End.  Enter ending trip odometer.
Total Kilometres.  This will be filled in automatically after you enter Odometer Start and Odometer End.

Billable.  Check this box if the mileage is billable to your customer or job.  If you only want to track job cost, uncheck this box.

Customer:Job.  Choose your Customer:Job. 

Item.  If you have not created your mileage item, create it here by clicking <Add>:


QB Tracking Vehicle Mileage 4


Amount or %. Note that the mileage rate that you enter in the previous Mileage Rates window is not automatically transferred here.  You must re-enter the rate.  This example assumed the rate is the same, $0.52.
Account.  Depending on your preference, you can use either income or expense account.