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Setting Up Employees: Part II of II

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In Part I of Setting Up Employees in QuickBooks, we have discussed how to set a common payroll items from Employee Defaults window.
In this Part II, we will discuss how to create employee records. You can create a new employee by going to the Employee Centre:
• From the Home page, click Employee button, or
• From Main Menu > Employees > Employee Centre, and
select New Employees or Ctrl + N to open New Employee window:

QB Setup Employee II-1


Notice that there are three (3) tabs in the “Change tabs” drop-down list:
1. Personal Info
2. Payroll and Compensation Info
3. Employment Info

Personal Info Tab

Enter your employee personal information here. There are 3 sub-tabs in personal info tab: Personal, Address & Contact, & Additional Info.
Personal sub-tab. Enter employee’s name, SIN, gender, & birthdate here. SIN must be valid and birthdate is required to correctly calculate taxes.
Address and Contact sub-tab. Enter employee’s address and contacts.
Additional Info sub-tab. Enter account number, employee number, billing rate level, and custom fields if you have one.

Payroll and Compensation Info Tab

This tab has only one (1) Payroll Info sub-tab, which contains employee’s payroll information. The pane looks very familiar – similar to the Employee Defaults window in Part I, where we set payroll items for employees. In fact, QuickBooks automatically fills in with employee’s default payroll items. Make any required changes if any.
Direct Deposit is an add-on services from intuit that you can sign up for additional fee.


QB Setup Employee II-2

Employment Info Tab.

It has only one (1) Employment sub-tab. Enter employment hire date, release date, & occupation. Release date is required to produce ROE (Record of Employment) when you terminate employees.


QB Setup Employee II-3


Click OK when you are done – your new employee will appear in the Employees list.

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