1. Select Customers > Create Batch Invoices to open Batch Invoice window:


QB Batch Invoicing 1


2. Step 1 of 3: Select a billing group or choose customers and click Next.
From the Batch Invoice window, go to box under Search Results and select your customers.
Click Add button to add it to Customers in This Group box.
Alternatively, you can create a billing group by selecting Add New from the Billing Group drop-down menu. You can then add customers to the billing group in the same way. Click Next.

3. Step 2 of 3: Choose the line items for the batch invoice and click Next.


QB Batch Invoicing 2


Choose the line items you want to add to the invoice as in a normal invoice. Update Date, Quantity, Description, Class, & others as required. Click Next.

4. Step 3 of 3: Review the list of invoices to be created for this batch and click Create Invoices.
Check and when all is good, click Create Invoices. Otherwise, click Back to make a correction.


QB Batch Invoicing 3


5. The Batch Invoice Summary window will open, showing how may invoices to be printed, emailed, or unmarked. Unmarked means the Preference Send Method in the Additional Info tab of customer is not selected.


QB Batch Invoicing 4


Click Print, Email, or Close, depending on what you want to do.  Close is when you want to Print or Email later.