Adjusting Quantity

QB Adjusting Inventory 1

Adjustment Type. Select from Quantity, Value, or Quantity and Total Value.
Adjustment Date. Enter the date of adjustment.
Adjustment Account. Select an expense account from chart of accounts. When you adjust your inventory (decrease/increase), the inventory asset account will be decreased/increased and your expense account (Adjustment Account) will be increased/decreased.
It’s important to note that when you adjust inventory, both quantity and value will be adjusted.

Reference No. This will be automatically populated. You can change it to more meaningful reference like Adj-Inv-1 if you prefer.
Customer:Job. Select a customer or job only if you want to assign the cost of adustment to customer or job, i.e. not to Adjustment Account above.
Class. Select appropriate class if you use classes.

Find Select Items. Click this button if you need to make many adjustments from a long list of your products to open Find & Select Items window:

QB Adjusting Inventory 2


You can then find any keyword in the Find field, click Search, and Add Selected Items to add your item in the Item column of Adjust Quantity/Value on Hand window.
Description column will be automatically populated and so is the Qty on Hand.

New Quantity or Qty Difference column. Use either one of this to adjust your count, the other will be calculated automatically.
Memo. Enter the reason for adjustment for your accountant.

After the adjustment, the after adjustment value will be displayed in the Total Value of Adjustment, Number of Adjustments, and Info After Adjustment pane.
Click Save and Close.



Adjusting Value

Similar to adjusting quantity, but select Total Value in the Adjustment Type field. Enter new values of your inventories New Value column:


QB Adjusting Inventory 3




Adjust Quantity and Total Value

You can adjust both quantity and total value at the same time by selecting Quantity and Total Value in the Adjustment Type.  Enter your new quantity and new values in the New Quantity/Qty Difference and New Value columns:


QB Adjusting Inventory 4