QB Creating Customers 1


Customer Name. Enter a unique name for your new customer in this required field. You should create a system to consistently create your customer name. Other fields are optional.
Currency. If you have multiple currencies, choose a currency from its drop-down menu.
Opening Balance. Leave this field blank.
Customer is inactive.  Check this box if your customer is inactive. 

 Address Info Tab

 Company Name – enter name of your customer/company as you want to appear on invoices, sales receipts, etc.

Contact – enter primary contact name, salutation, first name, Middle initial, last name, phone, address, fax, email, and other contact info.
Addresses pane – enter the address where you want to send your invoice. Click copy if you ship to the same address.
If you have more than one (1) shipping address, you can Add another shipping address by clicking the Ship To drop-down arrow and <Add New> or click Add New bar.

Additional Info Tab

QB Creating Customers 2

Type – if you have customer type, enter it here, such as retail, wholesale, from Advertisement, etc.

Terms – choose terms of payment of your customer, such as 1% 10 Net 30, due on receipt, net 15, etc.

Rep – choose your representative (Marketing, Sales, or other department) name that link you to your customer.

Preferred Sent Method – choose None, Email or Mail method your customer wants to receive information from you.

Sales Tax Information Pane.
Choose appropriate Tax code and Country, and enter your customer Business Number.
Price Level – choose your customer price level, whether it is a discount or a markup.

Custom Fields Pane.
This is a place where you can define your own fields by clicking Define Fields bar. You can use this to identify special information about your customer, such as region, contract date, etc.


Payment Info Tab

QB Creating Customers 3

This tab is to indicate how your customer pays and how much credit limit you have for your customer. Information of customer credit card type, number, name on card, expiry date, address, & postal code are all here. You should check restrictions from government or card providers on storing credit card numbers beforehand.


Job Info Tab

QB Creating Customers 4

This tab is to keep track of your customer job status, such as pending, awarded, in progress, etc., start date, end date, and assign Job Description and Job Type.

Click OK when you are done or Next if you want to create another new customer.