QB Paying Bills 1


Show bills has 2 options:

Due on or before. Choose this option if you want to see bills due on or before a certain date.
Show all bills. The default selection.

A/P Account. If you have multiple account payables in different currencies, you can select one from its drop-down menu. If you only have 1(one) account payable, this field will not appear at all.

Filter By. The default is “All vendors” from a drop-down menu of all your vendors.

Sort By. The default is “Due Date” from choices of Due Date, Discount Date, Vendor, and Amount Due.

When you move your cursor highlighting each bill, the “Go to Bill” bar will be enabled and you can open the bill to review or revise. If you check the bill in the checkmark box, the “Set Discount” and “Set Credit” will be enabled. The next blog will discuss how to apply discounts and credits to bills payments.

Payment Date. The default date is current date. You can change this date, depending on which date you want to show on your cheque.

Payment Method. You can choose your method of payment from the drop-own list of Cheque, Visa, MasterCard, Direct Debit, Interac Debit, Cash, etc.

Payment Account. You can choose from the drop-down list the payment account, such as Chequing, Cash, or Credit Card.

Once you make all the necessary selections, click the “Pay Selected Bills” bar and a new Payment Summary window will appear: (the following example shows when Blitz Marketing is selected)


QB Paying Bills 2


You then have choices of Pay more Bills, Print Cheques, or Done.
If Pay More Bills is selected, you will be brought back to Pay Bills window.
If Print Cheques is selected, a new "Select cheques to Print" window will appear and select the cheque you want to print & OK:


QB Paying Bills 3


Or select Done when you are finished.