2. Go to the customer or job you do not want to keep. Right click > Edit Customer:Job, the Edit Job window will open:


QB Merging Customers 1


In this example, MacDonald,Tracy:Hangar job is chosen and right clicked.

3. Edit your destination customer name in the Customer field, which has a drop-down menu.

4. Step 2 and Step 3 are repeated for each and every Customer:Job you want to move.

5. Once you move all the jobs, you can now merge the customer you do not want to keep to your destination customer by right clicking it and choose Edit Customer:Job again.
You will see Edit Customer window like below. Edit the name in the Customer Name field to your destination customer.


QB Merging Customers 2


6. Click Ok and you will be prompted with Merge window asking you “This name is already being used.  Would you like to merge them?”.  Choose Yes and you are done.


QB Merging Customers 3