QB Enter Bills 1


•    Bill button and Bill Received checkbox is automatically selected once you are in Enter Bills window.
•    In the Vendor field, select your vendor from the drop down list or select <Add New  to add a new vendor.
•    In the Date field, fill in appropriate date.
•    In the Ref. No. field, you can type any reference number, such as invoice number.
•    In the Amount Due field, enter the total amount of the invoice.
•    Bill Due field is defaulted to 10 days after the date in the Date field, unless you select other terms in the Terms field.
•    In the Terms field, select your vendor term from the drop down list or select < Add New> to add  a new term from the available option.
•    Leave the Memo field blank, unless you want to add more information.
•    In the Account field of Expenses tab, fill in the appropriate expense account by clicking the drop down arrow which will display your expense accounts from Chart of Accounts.  It automatically assigns the total amount you entered in the Amount Due field.  If you have more than 1(one) expense account to split the total expense, you have to allocate such amounts manually.  
For example, if you have 1 invoice of $168,- ($150 + $18 tax) consisting of $50,- automobile and $100,- meals, then you have to allocate each of the amount into 2 different rows (expenses), shown below:


QB Enter Bills 2


•    If your expense is related to a job, enter the job in the Customer:Job field.
•    If your expense is reimburseable or billable, check the box in the Billable field.
•    Click Save&Close to save the bill and close the window.